Building the Kingdom One Project At A Time

Nehemiah Projects is about helping  widows with home repairs to ease the struggle of being alone. As well as helping men and woman of  God to fulfill their calling, by building, remodeling, or repairing churches and facilities to allow them to grow and be more fruitful.

   Our vision is to empower churches and ministries to do more with less.  We believe if Kingdom resources our stewarded properly that the Body of Christ can be more effective than it is presently.  

Jerry Pierce  Founder of Nehemiah Projects

Jerry Pierce
Founder of Nehemiah Projects


In 2001 a friend invited me to go on a mission trip to build a Sunday school wing at a church on the Navajo Reservation in Sanders, Arizona.  I went back to the Navajo reservation 3 or 4 more times. During that course of time, a Bible study group that I was leading in my home purchased the Pastor in Sanders, AZ a three bedroom mobile home. The Pastor was a single lady who had lots of room, so she took in three kids from the reservation that were from an abusive home. Helping one person, who in turn was able to help so many others, stirred something inside me. I was doing some local projects when Katrina hit the Gulf coast. I went with Men and Women of Action (MWOA) on two different occasions to repair churches in Mobile, AL and in New Orleans. I was also helping ministries and widows locally between these trips.  In Oct. 2011 we took a group from Park West Church to Chauvin, La. and we remodeled a church that had been severely damaged during the storm. With these repairs they can spread the gospel again! All this time a desire to do more of this type of ministry was being birthed in me.  I went to Moore, OK with MWOA in June of 2013 with a disaster relief team; after the tornados devastated the area.  During that time I was already praying about organizing a ministry that would enable us to do more here in our own community. This is when Nehemiah Projects was birthed.

         Currently I am recruiting team members and team leaders to help Nehemiah Projects assist widows and single moms with whatever the need might be.  We typically complete a minimum of 40 projects annually (consisting of various sizes). It is my desire to grow the ministry in service to God by assisting widows and single moms in need of home repair or other basic necessities.




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Nehemiah Project Teams

 Our teams are comprised of a combination of ministry and construction / renovation teams.  Skilled professionals and helpers from all over are encouraged to join a team in order to serve the needs of God's Kingdom.  

    As we make a difference on  buildings and structures, we enable men and woman of God  to touch the hearts and lives of people in a powerful way, and help to make widows and single mom's lives easier.



Nehemiah Project Investors

Not everyone can travel long distances and not everyone has skills to build churches , renovate ministry centers, or go to a widows home and do repairs - but everyone can invest into the Kingdom of God. 

We need people like you to help us make a difference to more churches and more places.  Click below to make a donation and to make an impact!